Team Leader Universal Banker

Job Purpose


  • Builds and develops resources and environments to enable the team to achieve its desired vision.
  • Responsible for the facilitation of a team’s outcomes.
  • Facilitate the process of removing obstacles.
  • Accountable for a team in a POR and / a POR.


Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Determine Customer Requirments

  • Ensures that the team(s) attend to customers, understand what matters to the customer and delivers against those demands (i.e. determine the what, why, when, where and how).
  • Ensures that the team(s) take ownership of every demand and provides the customer with an immediate response (depending on the nature of the demand) or facilitates the completion of the customer demand.
  • Ensures that the teams understand the risks associated with the handling of the different demands (e.g., follows effective controls to minimise risk) this includes authentication of the customer to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons (e.g., knows how to identify the customer).
  • Takes customer demand to understand what matters to customers.

Meet Customer Expectations

  • Continuously coaches team(s) on system conditions that could hinder business and / or individual performance.
  • Continuously coaches team(s) on system conditions that could hinder business and / or individual performance.
  • Enable a learning environment where the team(s) skills are matched to customer demands.
  • Ensure that customers complaints are resolved effectively within the prescribed timelines.
  • Ensures that the team(s) are appropriately reflected on the Bank’s systems to enable the correct flow of work.
  • Assists with customer escalations, complaints and queries.
  • Create the ability to act on failure demand and resolve for repeat instances.
  • Act on the data to improve Capability of Response, delivery of what matters and eradicate failure demand through team engagement.
  • Continuously assess what matters to the customer against the ability of processes and systems to meet the customers demand.

Grow & Create Value

  • In conversing with customers, identify value demand opportunities:
    • Ensures that all leads are logged correctly while connecting with the customer and identifies demand generation opportunities.
    • Participates in specific campaigns and marketing activities as required.
    • Proactively promotes the use of multiple channels to customers
    • Accurately captures, updates or amends customer data
  • Understand financial measures which includes OI, Assets, Liabilities, NIR, NII, Impairments and costs
  • Providing directional support to the team to achieve customer led measures

Data Ana;ytics & Reporting

  • Understands and solves for the changes and trends in data as it relates to. Eg. COR, failure, value demands, abandoned calls, handle time, volume of demand and time taken to respond.
  • Assess and act on the capacity of the team to serve customer demand and solve in collaboration with the team.
  • Facilitate the discussion on data with teams and facilitate the improvement of processes and methods based on data.
  • Reviewing and analysing data daily to understand the performance of the team and determining what to act on.
  • Actions and scrutinises relevant reports as per laid-down instructions.
  • Ensures that revenue is recovered correctly for all types of transactions/services provided.
  • Attends to customer demands (irrespective of communication channels) within the agreed timelines.
  • Obtains documentation and assist with fraud and internal investigations, including special investigations.
  • Reports losses for own team(s) according to laid down procedures and provides input to the investigation of losses.
  • Ensures that finding sheets from Risk Assurance and Internal Audit has been responded and irregularities attended to according to laid down procedures.
  • Ensure that the communication is shared and understood by team(s).

Risk & Compliance

  • Facilitate the process for team (s) to understand the risks associated with handling of high risk related demands.
  • Facilitate the process of compliance to the FAIS act and build fit and proper teams that can handle demand.
  • Ensures that a Risk Mitigation undertakes regular surprise checks and facilitate the process of corrective action.
  • Ensures staff awareness in terms of fraud and fraud activities.

People Focus

  • Facilitation of team(s) outcomes, which includes driving performance, achieving aspirations and addressing skills gaps.
  • Develops a high performing team by embedding the bank’s performance process, regular performance feedback and coaching.
  • Help the team understand their contribution to the overall performance through various tactics (including coaching).
  • Help the team to adopt and apply the methods designed to assist in serving customer demand.
  • Motivates team members and ensures that they receive recognition for work well done.
  • Maintains a people plan for the team(s) which includes succession planning for critical roles, talent engagement and personal development plans.
  • Facilitation of the decision-making process. Enable team (s) to pull on resources to make decisions.
  • Provide team (s) with the rights tools and knowledge to take customer demand.
  • Determines development needs of the team and ensures that development opportunities (training, rotation, on-the-job learning) are budgeted for and executed.
  • Follow the agreed selection process for new members of the team(s), aligned to the local Workforce Management Plan.
  • Accountable for the onboarding, induction and orientation of new team members.
  • Collaboratively ensuring that there is a sufficient number staff in place to meet the fluctuating demands of customers by effectively interpreting and actioning on available data like call volumes, handle time, time spent on improvement work.
  • Monitors staff costs and create action plans to address wastage and leakage (where relevant).
  • When required, initiates and or follow people processes which includes resolving of grievances, disciplinary matters and any disputes.
  • Understands the reasons for individual banker variation in capability and uses the correct approach to solve for this which may relate to system conditions, knowledge, behaviour etc


  • Customer satisfaction rating.
  • Minimised customer hand offs.
  • Customer demand perfectly delivered without any ‘comebacks’.
  • Endeavour to do only value work.
  • Meet what matters to the customer (within laid-down policies and procedures).
  • Improvement on capability of response.
  • Highlighting and acting on areas of improvement.
  • Effective people management (e.g., perform to grow, skills development, reward and recognition).


Preferred Qualification and Experience


  • Business Commerce Degree
  • FAIS qualification and RE5
  • 5 – 7 Years Previous experience in the front line.  Knowledge of retail and commercial products required for understanding the context of stated customer demands. Knowledge of the procedures and the interdependencies of the various functions performed in Branch (Voice and Physical)


Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise


  • Customer Understanding
  • Product Knowledge
  • Application and Submission Verification
  • Processing
  • Customer Acceptance and Review
  • Banking Process and Procedures
  • Heart of Customer Experience
  • Client Retention
  • Customer and Client Focused Innovation
  • Driving Delivery of Results
  • Leading Courageously
  • Inspiring Performance for Execution
  • Growing Capability

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