Scientist Job Opportunity

This role reports in to the Senior Scientist / Lead Scientist/Engineer.

he main responsibilities of this job are:

Product and process research and development

  • Execute research and development activities under supervision of senior personnel by making use of basic research and data analysis. This will include literature reviews writing of project proposals, technical notes and research reports.
  • Plan, coordinate and execute experiments and chemical analyses based on a project schedule as per established test procedures, work instructions and prescribed experimental conditions.
  • Perform mill trials, customer trials, customer complaints investigations, trouble shooting at mills, process and product improvement projects at mills or customer plants.
  • Use project management tools to plan, monitor and independently execute small projects.
  • Troubleshoot anomalous results and quality deviations and execute or direct implementation of corrective actions.
  • Analyse results of experiments using basic statistical methods, scientific literature or theories and explain the test results. Recommend additional or alternative testing if the outcomes of initial experiments need to be improved or validated.
  • Maintain and manage accurate records and databases of project data, customer complaints investigations and mill trials.


Laboratory operations

  • Maintain the operations of a laboratory by ensuring the uninterrupted availability of chemicals and consumables, as well as maintenance of laboratory equipment.
  • Commission and/or supervise commissioning of new equipment and methods based on the equipment manufacturer’s standards.
  • Support the laboratory teams to understand the equipment parameters and correct usage.
  • Ensure that experiments are designed in a cost-effective manner with the least amount of waste.
  • Review the quality of work performed by Technologists and Analysts in the laboratory and coach the lab teams on how to improve their work quality.
  • Participate/contribute to the Root Cause Analyses for quality and safety deviations (near misses and incidents) in the laboratory. Ensure that remedial actions are executed. Drive the remediation and close-out processes.
  • Manage and improve the laboratory quality management system according to ISO 17025 standards.


Materials, chemicals and consumables

  • Ensure that chemicals and consumables in the laboratory are stored and used according to manufacturing specs/ safety standards.
  • Prepare appropriate documents/procedures for safe handling (e.g. safety data sheets and safe work procedures).
  • Communicate chemical safety requirements to the lab team and, on request, to mill teams who will be handling the chemicals.


Professional growth and expertise

  • Keep abreast of new developments in the cellulose/Pulp and Paper/ Biotechnology fields through industry journals, online forums and events/ conferences.
  • Share information gathered from these with the rest of the team where appropriate.
  • Provide direct research supervision for interns in the laboratory.
  • Share knowledge and best practices with team.


Supervisory responsibilities

  • Supervise and train junior staff and temporary staff members.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Diploma in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology or Pulp and Paper with 5 years relevant experience; or
  • B Tech/BSc in the above fields with 3 years relevant experience.
  • B Sc Hon degree would be advantageous.
  • Laboratory/Research Project management experience
  • Pulping and bleaching knowledge advantageous
  • B Tech Pulp and Paper Technology would be advantageous

How To Apply?

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